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Company Services
We use IEEE Standards on Software Development, as well as our own standards, templates and procedures resulting from our vast experience in the field, as the basis for our approach to software development. This ensures that systems produced by Vision Technologies are one of a high quality and meet the most demanding business standards.
  Our Service Technology and Development Process include the following 3 stages.  
  Stage 1 - Analysis, Proposal and Specification  
It all begins with our initial understanding of your needs and wishes. Based on this, we create a detailed proposal with an outline of the tools, technologies, components, deliverables and milestones of the project. We estimate efforts and provide time frames for each item, so you can see the resources used for each part of the project. From the very beginning, to clearly illustrate that we understand the scope of your project, we will provide you with a detailed project plan and team structure.
The next step is to define and document all your requirements. In some cases, when the customer provides a well-developed specification, we proceed directly to Stage 2 - Implementation. Otherwise, we do a requirements analysis and develop a specification.
  A system specification usually contains a description of the:  
  • System Purpose, Functions and Architecture
  • User Interface and Reports, including all screens and pages
  • Object Model, Data Structures, Communication and Interface Protocols
  • System Performance and System Acceptance criteria
  • Project Plan with schedules and costs
    In complicated cases a screen prototype of a new system can also be developed. It allows the customer's staff members to review the future system and to give their feedback at an early stage of the development.
    Depending on the project complexity, development of a specification can take from a couple of days to a couple of months. A specification must be reviewed and approved by the client before implementation begins. The main purpose of stage 1 is to completely understand the system's requirements and features, development tools and platforms to be used, and project deliverables and milestones. Such an approach makes it possible to avoid any mistakes in the system design and to plan the future transition period and staff training, if required. It also gives you an opportunity to add or cut features, depending on budget and other factors.
      Stage 2 - Implementation and Testing  
    Once the Specification has been accepted and approved, software development is initiated. Programmers begin coding using the specification, while designers develop necessary elements of the user interface and make it ergonomically correct. Testers develop the Test plan, test cases and scripts, test the system and verify that it operates according to the specification. Our technical writers create necessary user and system documentation. During the entire implementation stage, the performance of team members is monitored, the project progress is reported, all requested changes and any defects discovered in the software are tracked.
      The results of this stage are:  
  • Regular deliveries of the code developed
  • Test Plan and Acceptance Testing Criteria
  • Test cases and testing scripts, if required
  • Testing Reports
  • Labor and Status Reports, if required
  • Project Plan updates
  • System and source code documentation
  • User's Guide, if required
  • Context-sensitive Help, if required
  • Installation program and instructions
  • Data conversion utilities, if required
  • Integrated software product installed in a test mode
    Stage 3 - Installation, Integration and Operation
    The final stage of system development is to move the product from a test mode to the production environment with conversion of existing data, if required. Our staff and future users will install and test the system in pre-production mode. Their comments are key in making any final changes and verifying the operation. When tests show that the product is operating in accordance with the specification, the software product will be installed in production mode.
    The development team will continue to support the customer after installation, and we also provide a minimum 3-month warranty, during which we will eliminate any bugs found, free of charge. We will also provide further maintenance of the system if required.
    During the entire development process the customer has tight control over the project, and can even make small enhancements or changes to the system.
      This Service Technology gives our customers several important benefits:  
  • Developing a high-quality product to meet your business requirements
  • On time, on budget delivery, at no risk to your time and money
  • Developing a flexible, easy to use and modify (in case you need some future enhancements) system


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