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B2B, B2C & e-Commerce Development
e-Commerce refers to conducting business on-line over the Internet. Any bricks and mortar business can have its analogue on the Internet and benefit from e-commerce. This is an exceptionally cost effective way of promoting your business, generating extra profits and delivering better services to your customers.
    Our Typical e-Commerce package includes the following:  
  • Specification
  • Complete Web site design
  • Product database
  • Customers' section with registration, product information, product search and order processing (a shopping cart or sequence)
  • Administrator's section with access, order and product management, file upload, discount algorithms and special offers, shipping and sales tax settings.
  • SSL integration and credit card processing.
        Don't be confused with all the jargon out there, such as IIS, Apache, ASP, SQL, Java, CGI, PHP, Perl, VB, SSL, HTTPS, WAP. Instead, discover how easy, flexible and affordable your e-commerce can be. Whether it is a complicated on-line system or a simple programming script to automate one small process, we are here to help you anytime.  
    For those who are always on the go, we are pleased to add a mobile module, or M-commerce. Our wireless applications that work on mobile phones and handheld computers and can make information accessible for your customers and you anywhere, anytime.
        Contact us now for your free initial consultation or a detailed proposal for your project.


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